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released February 20, 2016



all rights reserved


SIDES Serbia

Hometown: Belgrade (Serbia)

Genre: Djent/Metalcore

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Track Name: Voices
I know I know the truth
Hold me into you

I am subconsciousness
I am a bliss of the dying world
I am what you can't see
You need to stop and believe me cause I am here

I know the truth
so let me dream in your mind, dreams you call your own

I know what I've become

Let me dream awake
and open your heart, embrace the universe
Cast away the fear
I'm clearing my view of reality

Let us embrace, reaching out to me, hold me closer, unfreze your memory
Let me show you things that you can't find
Melt your preconception, opening your mind

I see with the clearest sight

I see the world is changing right before my eyes

Can't you see this
We are free

I'm never coming back

I know what I've become

Can't you see this
It's time for us to go
I'm never coming back home

I know I know the truth
Hold me
I will believe in you

I won't let you down
I refuse to let you go

I'm a freethinker and I refuse

Infinite reflection of reality is frozen in the time
Infinite reflection of reality is frozen in your mind